Wednesday, November 9, 2016

On a new president and a new try at blogging

Well, that was interesting.

 While I was and remain never Trump, I hope that he does a good job as president.

I now am returning to what any distributist should always return to, the people that I know. There are many who voted for him, and many who fear him. But I believe in democracy, in that I believe that my fellow man or fellow woman wills me no evil, and wants what is best for everyone.

But returning to the task at hand. I have never been good at keeping up with the blog. I got discouraged very easily and early. Hopefully the hope I have for the future and the pain of some around me will give me the impetuous that I need.

So I begin here, exactly what I would say if Hillary had won. The Church and her people were never meant to be powerful, but to be marginalized. We follow a God who stripped Himself of power, and became a poor carpenter who lived on the outskirts of society and was executed.  I voted for the American Solidarity Party because they were closest to my beliefs, but this is not heaven and we are not angels. Even if the ASP had somehow won, the problems that we have as a nation would not disappear.

And so I return to what I believe is my calling, Teaching and helping others to gain the skills and knowledge that they need to be more self sufficient, and to foster real community. I have several projects that I am looking forward to sharing with you all in the coming weeks, from foraging, to growing mushrooms, to starting trees from seed. I hope that this is truly a new beginning for us all.

Live a hands on Life

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